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Easy Perler Bead Christmas Ornaments

I recently shared images of Snowflake Ornaments; now it’s time for Christmas ideas—and a few more snowflakes. Except for the owl and turtle, these are original creations. The turtle was inspired by a picture included with one of the Perler Bead kits, but the Santa hat it’s sporting was Kelly’s idea. I think the owl [click headline to read more…]

Snow, Snow, Snow! (Part 3)

And finally—now that we’re more ready for spring than snow—here are the bears I promised!

Snow Bear from winter 2004-05 (two views).

And now, the last installment (I hope) for this winter: leafy “Chair Bear” from 2006.

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Snow, Snow, Snow! (Part 2)

As promised in the first installment, here are more snow creatures from our front yard. The bears will be next.

Note: the snow train already posted was created on 2/9/08.

Penguin. Created 2/1/09.

Hello Kitty (three views). Created 2/19/07.

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Snow, Snow, Snow! (Part 1)

OK, so not everyone’s thrilled about all the snow we’ve gotten this winter, but our kids are. Perhaps some of the snow critters and sculptures they’ve created with Matt over the last few years will inspire you and yours. The children came up with most of the ideas, and Matt served as the primary sculptor. [click headline to read more…]