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Incredible DIY Halloween Hats

Since Matt created these hats, I’m sharing his post instead of writing a new one. You can find the original at Bohan Art, along with several of his paintings, sketches and step-by-step watercolor demonstrations.

Blackburnian Warbler Hat (Sheet Craft Foam and Acrylic Paint)

Blackburnian Warbler Hat (Sheet Craft Foam and Acrylic Paint)

Great Books for Homeschoolers (Part 1)

I have wanted to share this list for AGES!

These books aren’t new—thousands of homeschoolers are probably using them already—but if you haven’t seen them yet, check your local library for access to these phenomenal resources. We’ve been thrilled to borrow dozens of them as needed for our curriculum.

Without further ado, here are some [click headline to read more…]

The Motivator

This “invention” is dedicated to homeschooling parents everywhere!

Illustration by Matthew Bohan, circa 2010

© Matthew E. Bohan and Liesl K. Bohan | TipsnTidbits.com

Nature Notes: Robins

Because of the information we posted about Operation Christmas Child last month, I hated to put anything above it. Now that the 2010 National Collection Week is over, it’s time to share something new. (Note: a handful of drop-off locations are open for another month.)

Did you know… not all robins head south for the [click headline to read more…]

More Sunday Fun

Here are some T-shirts our children decorated simply using Sharpie markers. Before they began, we washed and dried the shirts and then placed large newspaper-covered books inside each to create a flat surface and prevent ink from seeping through. Though our kids made these for themselves, you could have children decorate shirts or canvas bags [click headline to read more…]