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Summer Beauties

Virginia ctenucha on a clematis blossom (Michigan)

According to Wikipedia, the Virginia ctenucha (Ctenucha virginica), pronounced ten-ooch-ah, is a moth that ranges from North Carolina to Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains. It inhabits wet meadows and open spaces with bushes. Virginia ctenucha caterpillars have multiple tufts of white and yellow hair and feed mostly on grasses. Adults feed primarily on nectar during daylight hours.

Though this photo was taken over a month ago, now that temperatures are rising, more butterflies and moths are emerging from their cocoons and chrysalides to explore parks, yards and gardens for food. And they’re not alone. Below are pictures of long-legged flies and a milkweed beetle, critters Matt found by taking a closer look at some of the leaves in our garden.

If you haven’t already, set aside some time with your children to watch these amazing creatures this summer.

Long-legged fly (Michigan)

Long-legged fly (Michigan)

Milkweed beetle (Michigan)

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