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Free, Family-Friendly Learning Online

Two weeks ago the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL), one of Better World Books’ top five literacy partners, launched a free “online front porch to bring family literacy into every home.” According to their press release, NCFL’s Wonderopolis™ provides family-friendly content that is practical, easy to use and designed to engage children’s natural curiosity and transform it into a lifelong love of learning.

Emily Kirkpatrick, vice president of NCFL, said one of the things that makes this site unique is that “it’s not only a site built for parents, but also by parents, who will be able to share concerns, ask questions and provide solutions by connecting with other parents across the country or around the globe.” She also said, “Wonderopolis will show children—and remind parents—that learning is fun. A sense of wonder will lead to discovery and ignite a passion.”

The National Center for Family Literacy is the worldwide leader in family literacy. More than one million families have made positive educational and economic gains as a result of NCFL’s work, which includes training more than 150,000 teachers and thousands of volunteers. For more information, visit www.famlit.org. You can support NCFL and family literacy by purchasing books through BetterWorldBooks.com.

Have you ever wondered why flamingos are pink?

Have you ever wondered what ice cream headaches are really all about?

Have you ever wondered why bees buzz?

Visit Wonderopolis™ to find out! It’s easy. It’s fun. And the learning is big.

It’s for parents, who’ve never been busier or more concerned about their children’s education, and it’s for children, who are so pressured to do well that they’ve forgotten learning can be fun.

Created by the National Center for Family Literacy, Wonderopolis is a place where parents nurture a brighter world for their children through discovery, creativity, learning and imagination.

Wonderopolis offers families a Wonder of the Day – giving parents the spark they need to ignite their child’s curiosity and love of learning.

Visit Wonderopolis™ to subscribe by RSS, Twitter or Facebook.

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