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LEGOs in Motion

Fun Ideas for LEGOs on Wheels

LEGOs are a great alternative to screen time, and in our opinion, every child should have access to them. Rather than invest in video games or other screen-based entertainment, we’ve opted for LEGOs and similar creative, brain-boosting options such as Tinker Toys and marble runs. If cost is a [click headline to read more…]

Boredom Busters: Sharks!

It’s handy to have paper and pencils or crayons readily available. These drawings began while I was on the phone and the children were bored. In the end they had so much fun with them that they carried the shark theme into their next Painting Sunday.

Kelly’s Shark in Colored Pencils (~3/10, 8 years)

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Our Beetle’s Beetle

It’s not uncommon to find ladybugs in our house at certain times of the year. Coming across one behind the wheel of a Volkswagen, however, is pretty unusual. Our children recently discovered this little driver, and Matt decided to take a few photos.

Pretty funny, eh?

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