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Collage Sunday II

Well, I wasn’t entirely correct. In my Anti-Painting Sundays post, I predicted that Kelly and Timmy would go green for their next collages, using the vertical strips to illustrate grass instead of water. While I was right about the green, they opted for forests instead, and I love the results!

If you want to help [click headline to read more…]

Patriotic Yogurt Pops

These festive frozen treats are adapted from a recent issue of Family Fun magazine. You and your children can make them for the Fourth of July or any other summer day.

This recipe is short and sweet, requiring only one main ingredient: yogurt. High in protein and calcium, yogurt is often touted for a variety [click headline to read more…]

Anti-Painting Sundays

What do you do on a “Painting Sunday” when you run out of watercolor paper?

Well, something else, of course. And it had better be fun!

One of the challenges of establishing a regular routine for homeschooling projects—or any arts and crafts projects with children—is making sure you have all of the necessary supplies on [click headline to read more…]

2010 Summer Reading Programs: Fun & Freebies

Ah, summer at last! School’s been out for a few weeks, baseball’s underway and camps are lined up. It’s time for swimming, vacationing, fun in the sun and… reading!

That’s right. If you haven’t already, there’s still time to sign your children up for a local—or national—reading program. They don’t have to be registered in [click headline to read more…]