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Painting Sundays IV

Matt and the kids have been cranking out paintings faster than I can keep up with them. To see step-by-step views of Matt’s recent watercolors in progress, check out the Bohan Art blog he started recently. To see our children’s paintings, just keep coming back here, and I’ll get them all up eventually. (Ah, summer! [click headline to read more…]

Card Idea for Father's Day

Similar to the Mother’s Day Craft posted last month, this requires paper, glue, scissors and some adult assistance.

Using paper of different colors, have children draw and then cut out shapes representing objects that remind them of their father. The objects can represent any of Dad’s favorites, including hobbies, sports, clothes, music or weekend activities.

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Painting Sundays III

This installment is long overdue, coming two months after the post for Part 2.

As mentioned before, our children do the preliminary sketches themselves. Matt then coaches them through their paintings, providing advice on friskets, brush techniques, washes and other paint applications.

“Painting Sundays” is a commitment that not only requires Matt to give up [click headline to read more…]