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Earth Day Crafts (Part 4): Homemade Binoculars

Happy Earth Day!

This is the final installment of 2010 Earth Day craft ideas. Reduce, reuse and enjoy!

These handmade “binoculars” constructed from toilet paper tubes and paper are fun for children to make and “use.” Not only did our kids enjoy assembling and decorating them, but they also got a kick out of trying [click headline to read more…]

Earth Day Crafts (Part 3): Media Holder

This is a colorful way to put cereal boxes, cracker boxes and old paper to good use. We used a Cheez-It box to create this DVD holder last spring, covering it with wrapping paper scraps. Alternatively, children could use old magazines or catalogs to create a collage on their box.

For other variations, you could [click headline to read more…]

Earth Day Crafts (Part 2): Paper Beads and Tubes

This round of Earth Day craft ideas features paper beads and tubes. We first made these last spring and were impressed at how pretty they and versatile they are. You can create an extraordinary array of styles and shapes simply by varying the paper color, quality or width and by using cylinders of different thicknesses.

[click headline to read more…]

Earth Day Crafts (Part 1): Canvas Bags

In honor of Earth Day, which is fast approaching, I’m sharing pictures of some of the planet-friendly projects our children have worked on. Many were adapted from activities described in Family Fun Magazine or on FamilyFun.com, but this one is more original.

This installment features canvas bags decorated earlier this year. In addition to opting [click headline to read more…]