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Better World Books

Ten years ago global illiteracy rates were estimated at 776 million—just for adults. More recent estimates are closer to 880 million and rising. Additionally, more than 113 million children around the world have no access to primary education.

Donating books to or through Better World Books provides a wonderful opportunity for your children to help and for you to talk to them about some of the educational challenges faced by millions of children worldwide. This unusual company makes it easy for you and your children to make a difference.

About the Company

BetterWorldBooks collects and sells books online to fund literacy initiatives worldwide. In addition to offering new titles, this online bookstore supports book drives and collects used books and textbooks through a network of over 1,800 college campuses and partnerships with over 2,000 libraries nationwide.

Better World has converted more than 25 million donated books into $7.5 million in funding for literacy and education. It has also donated 1.5 million books to partner programs around the world. It works with 85 literacy partners; Books for Africa, Room to Read, Worldfund, Invisible Children, and the National Center for Family Literacy are its primary nonprofit literacy partners.

As an environmental bonus, Better World Books has saved more than 30 million books from landfills so far.

How to Participate

Individuals can sell, donate or recycle books FREE. Just use a local library drop-off, if available, or take advantage of Better World’s offer to provide free shipping.

Your children can sort through their books, picking out the ones they are ready to give away. They just might part with a few extra when they realize that their books will benefit someone else. If they want, they can even choose which Better World literacy partner will benefit from their donation.

In addition to making room for more age-appropriate books for your growing children, you’ll provide them with an opportunity to help others. You’ll also reap the rewards of knowing that you’ve helped sponsor literacy at the same time.


If you’re looking to buy, Better World ships books free in the US and for only $3.97 worldwide. Every book you buy helps fund world literacy, and the prices on used books are great. For example, the ongoing Bargain Bin Blowout currently features 5 used books for just $15.


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